Want to learn about Silverlight and Expression?

Here are a list of useful links to start with:


·        To learn more about Silverlight visit the Silverlight Community site. This site includes tons of tutorials, videos, getting started information, samples and a showcase where you can see the latest sites created with Silverlight

·        One of the best online resources is the library of videos from the latest MIX event in Las Vegas. These are many dozens of hours of videos that talk about Silverlight and User Experience – http://sessions.visitmix.com/

·        The Silverlight Reference includes the nitty gritty of Silverlight. Covering both versions of Silverlight you will find detailed information on all functions, events, properties and objects as well as useful examples – http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb404708.aspx

·        Microsoft Learning has also created some fun Silverlight Snacks that provide you with high level information on Silverlight

·        Mike and Mike’s Silverlight Webcast series is great (mainly aimed at developers but also useful for you as a designer) – http://www.miketaulty.com/SLVideos.html

·        Tim Sneath is one of the most popular bloggers in Microsoft. He is a developer but his posts will be very useful for you too: http://blogs.msdn.com/tims/

·        Lynda.com has produced a free Silverlight series. Please note this is Silverlight 1 but might still be useful for you in order to understand some basic concepts of Silverlight – http://movielibrary.lynda.com/html/modPage.asp?ID=473

·        Silverlight 1 and Silverlight 2 Feature Matrix. Learn more about the differences between Silverlight 1 and Silverlight 2 – http://silverlight.net/GetStarted/overview.aspx



·        Visit the Microsoft Expression site for more information about the Expression tools, video tours, feature lists, trials, preview versions and to purchase the products.

·        Visit the Expression Community site for more learning and technical resources for designers. Visit the forums, download the samples and check out the blogs from some Expression product team members.

·        The XAML-Ready agency session at MIX will help you speed up in understanding Silverlight and Expression concepts from a Flash designer point of view – http://sessions.visitmix.com/?selectedSearch=C01

·        To learn more about DeepZoom check out this post which talks about the latest version of DeepZoom Composer.


Microsoft UX and Design    

·        Microsoft Design site. Learn more about different designers who work for Microsoft in different areas.



·        Kirupa is a Program Manager in the Blend team. You will enjoy his blog and will found lots of great tricks in there: http://blog.kirupa.com/?cat=13

·        Arturo is a Product Manager for Expression. You can also get news and announcements in his blog: http://ux.artu.tv

·        All the Expression product teams also own and post news and tips & tricks in their blogs:

o   Expression Blend and Expression Design

o   Expression Web

o   Expression Encoder

o   Expression Media

(src: http://ux.artu.tv/?page_id=70)

Silverlight Shines at International Broadcasting Conference 2008 in Amsterdam

 I don't want to repeat a press release, but quite a lot of interesting things happened to Silverlight today:

  • H.264 support announced
  • AAC support announced
  • MP4 container support announced

As Scott Guthrie has written – this doesn't mean Microsoft is getting further from WMV. It just means – we give you the choice.

And a lot of interesting website starts SL based video delivery (sports fan are especially welcomed):

And a few words about our spons… sorry, about the NBC Olympics website, which in 17 days scored:

  • 1.3 billion page views
  • 50+ million unique visitors
  • 70 million streams
  • 10 million hours of video watched
  • 35 million mobile page views
  • Hundreds of highlights produced every day, which were delivered to every possible platform

Silverlight and Playready

First of all – the Silverlight DRM client is FREE!

The main component for playing DRM protected content with silverlight streaming was released during the weekend – and it’s called PlayReady Server SDK. There are two distinct license agreements depending on your needs – one for developing PlayReady Server Applications (the SDK itself) and another for deploying a PlayReady Service. About the bucks – no, it’s not free: for developing applications, 30.000$ one time license fee is needed; for the deployment, an additional 30.000$ processor fee OR a 0.001$/license fee is needed. For qualified customers a 120 days eval period is given as well for testing and evaluating. Another possibility is to license the SDK as an ISV to build WPF applications that could process content protected with PlayReady.
The DRM technology itself is existing since 1999 – and PlayReady technology was later introduced to fullfit the ever increasing need for mobile instrumentation. Silverlight not being a mobile only technology (don’t forget – sooner or later it comes to a phone near you, whether it is a Nokia or Smartphone), but thin enough to be a target platform for this technology. In the very soon future the technology will evolve to support literally anything from H.264 to AAC on any PlayReady compatible device and technology.

And now the fun part – how it works?

Silverlight DRM is a small, cross-platform version of the PlayReady client used exclusively by the Silverlight Web browser plug-in. Analogous to other online content services, a Silverlight service that offers protected content uses the PlayReady Server SDK to first encrypt the content. The first time a client tries to playback a protected media comes the individualization feature of the server – it binds the DRM client to the computer it was installed. Client is then authorized to connect to the license server and acquire a license – valid for the duration of the browser session. So every end-user is given an individualized Playready component and different certified license keys. This significantly reduces the danger of global breaks. If a specific version of a PlayReady client becomes compromised, it can be barred from acquiring licenses for new digital media files unless the latest version of the PlayReady client is downloaded that is robust against the circumvention.

If you got interested, you may play around with PlayReady – check the examples site, check the site for licensing, or read about the silverlight client.

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